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What are some unique gift ideas for your girlfriend?

Gift giving to your girlfriend can be a difficult task, so here are some unique gift ideas that will show her how much you care. Consider giving her something meaningful such as a personalized photo album or a special piece of jewelry. You can also give her a gift that is tailored to her interests such as tickets to her favorite band or a gift certificate to a spa. If you’re looking for a more creative gift, consider making her something special such as a scrapbook of your memories together or a coupon book for special dates. Lastly, don’t forget to put some thought into the gift wrapping!

Do electronics deteriorate from non-use? Why or why not?

Electronics do not usually deteriorate from lack of use. In most cases, electronic devices have a relatively long lifespan and can last for many years. However, some parts of electronics, such as the battery, can be affected by lack of use. Batteries can lose their capacity over time, even if the device isn't used. Additionally, components can become corroded if the device is exposed to extreme temperatures, humidity, or dust. To ensure that electronics do not deteriorate, it is important to keep them in a safe environment and to use them regularly.

Is bowling a sport?

Bowling is a popular recreational activity enjoyed by millions around the world. It is a type of sport that can be enjoyed by all ages, and can be played both socially and competitively. Although bowling may not require the same physical exertion as other sports, it still involves skill and strategy. Professional bowlers must have the ability to throw a ball accurately and consistently. Bowling can also be a source of physical activity, as participants often have to walk to retrieve their balls and can engage in exercise to improve their game. Therefore, it can be argued that bowling is indeed a sport.

What is the liquid often ladled onto the grill top in restaurants?

Liquid often ladled onto the grill top in restaurants is typically a mixture of oil, butter, and water. This liquid is used to help keep food from sticking to the grill and to give food a nice, caramelized flavor. The ratio of butter, oil, and water will vary depending on the chef’s particular preference. The liquid should be heated up before being added to the grill top to ensure it is hot enough to cook the food. The liquid should also be kept away from heat sources and stirred regularly to avoid burning. Finally, the liquid should be removed from the grill when it starts to burn.

Channel 4 Celebs Go Dating Love Islands Laura Anderson Shares Behind-The-Scenes Snaps From Filming

The new season of Celebs Go Dating is currently filming in London and Laura Anderson has given fans a little taste of what's in store.

Our Philosophy
We have a simple philosophy: to become the best on-line contact site in the World.

Ease of use, speed of posting free advertisements, simple or detailed specific low cost searches and the quickest means of contact (email) make this site the best there is anywhere on the net.

Who Is It For?
This is not just an on-line dating agency - it is also a global contact site. It is for anybody looking for a contact, for any reason, anywhere in the world - whether it is for love, relationships, marriage, a contact during a business trip or just someone to have a meal with or see a show.

And this service is not just for romantic relationships. Ever been on a business trip and spent the evenings in a hotel room only to find out later that you missed your favorite band or show? Use this site to find any contact from where you are visiting to make your stay more enjoyable.

Advertising your details could not be simpler: It is free and it is controlled by you. Just fill in the simple form with your details (see below for tips), click on submit and within seconds your advertisement will be on-line. Persons wishing to contact you will complete a standard form, which will be sent to your account.

"A picture is worth a thousand words"

We do recommend a picture be posted with your details. To control the size of the picture file this is something that we will post for you, so, when you have completed your details, just email us a photograph () and we will place it next to the details you will have already posted.

If you do not have a picture as a graphic file then just post us a normal photograph and we will scan it for you. This service is free.

Finding a Contact
When searching for a contact you will be given the same criteria as offered to those who advertise. You can be as specific or as vague as you like. When the details are displayed click on the contact to see the full details and photo if supplied. If you wish to make contact click on the contact button.

Responding to a Contact
If you are an advertiser and you receive a contact then you are in no way obliged to reply. We do, however, ask you to do so. A simple "no thanks" is better than nothing and is, after all, only courteous.

Tips On Using This Service

  1. Advertising We have tried to include as many criteria as possible in the advertising process, but, at the end of the day, you are still limited to data that we have setup. This is needed to aid searching and cannot be changed easily, so that is why we have also put in a free form box at the end use this to really express yourself; especially with your likes and dislikes.
  2. Usage Use the service to it’s fullest. It is a small World so why just look for a contact in the next street what about the next continent? Going on holiday? Make friends before you go. Can’t find anyone locally extend the area of your search.
  3. Try it! If you are not sure about using a contact service post a free ad and see what develops. See an ad you like reply to it. True happiness may be only an email away.

Code Of Conduct
The one great thing that makes the Internet so popular is the lack of regulations. We are happy to let advertisers and contactors conduct themselves in whatever way they feel fit. However, if we see any activity that we feel is breaking ethical law in our opinion, then we reserve the right to delete accounts at our own discretion.

If you notice any abuses of this service please let us know and appropriate action will be taken.

Contact Us
Email is by far the easiest and quickest way to contact us:

Photo Submission:
Forgot Password?: (Quoting your ref no.)

Or if you wish to write then send letters or photographs to:

Permanent Waves Ltd
Dane Road
East Sussex
BN25 1DU

(Note: if you would like a photo returned then please include a self addressed envelope).